About Succeeding with Agile

The Succeeding with Agile website was developed to support Mike Cohn's book of the same title. On this site you will find sample chapters for free download. You will also find Excel spreadsheets described in the book. There is also a PowerPoint presentation you can use that summarizes some of the research on the benefits of agile as described in the book.

An extensive reference list and outlines for each chapter are provided with the hope that they create a discussion about the advice presented in the book.

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Agile and Scrum training

Succeeding with Agile or Scrum is challenging. Reading Mike's book is a great start, but nothing beats having an experienced trainer or coach at your side. Mike has been leading agile projects since starting with Scrum in 1995. He is available for onsite training at your company or through one of his public courses.

Mike Cohn provides training and consulting on Scrum and agile software development to help companies build extremely high-performance development organizations. In addition to Succeeding with Agile, Mike has written two of the agile movement's most respected books, User Stories Applied and Agile Estimating and Planning. Mike has been a technology executive in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 40.

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