Predicting Velocity when Team Size Changes

Chapter 15, “Planning,” describes how you can forecast the velocity of a team that has changed size if you have tracked velocity on other teams that have changed size. For example, from historical data you may know that when a team goes from seven to six members, average velocity goes down by 15% in the first sprint at the new team size and then remains down about 10% after that.

You can download this Excel spreadsheet
to help you track team size and velocity changes so you can make these predictions.

A Presentation on the Benefits of Becoming Agile

Chapter 1 of Succeeding with Agile summarizes a great deal of research on the benefits of becoming agile. You can download a PowerPoint on the benefits of agile or you can download the same presentation about the benefits of agile in Apple’s Keynote format, which has been zipped for convenience. It is also available as a PDF.